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Hi, we're here to warn you not to come to the UAE University either to work or study here. Why? Because UAE University is about as corrupt and fraudulent as they come. As a place of higher education, it is a shameful travesty. Indeed, even to call itself a "university" is an obscene irony that disgraces the word.

If you're a post-grad hoping to do some serious research, forget it. Look elsewhere. You will simply be wasting your time. UAEU qualifications and awards are worthless outside the Gulf. It doesn't even have a library. Indeed, just mentioning UAE University on your C.V. is enough to damage your career prospects.
This applies to virtually all the other universities in the Gulf as well, whether they be local or foreign ones. The end result is the same: compromised and degraded learning.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UAE University is the new Cambridge of the Gulf!

Attention!!! UAE University is the equivalent of Cambridge University.


According to Jessica Hill, the city [Al Ain] is fast becoming the UAE’s equivalent of Cambridge, through its pioneering UAE University, which is developing an international reputation for its research programmes.

Oh boy, here we go again. More hype than substance! Will it ever end?

And where's the evidence for this?

Well, according to the QS World University Rankings, the UAEU came 385th in the world. Whoopy!!!

And according to an Emirati student,  I like the environment. It’s a very big, modern university, especially with the new campus. I remember when I was in high school I used to drive past it and see this crescent building and I used to think that was the whole university.  

Ok, we get it: it's BIG and to the Emirati, BIG means GOOD!

Or what about this gem: As of spring this year, total enrolment at UAEU was 13,046 students, most of them women: 12,200 undergraduates plus foundation students (81 per cent female) and 138 doctoral students (64 per cent female).

Again, we get it. Over 80% are female students, most of whom will never be in a position to use their degrees in any meaningful way. If you subtract foreign students, we estimate that the number of Emirati male students would be not much more than 10% of the entire student population.

Yes, from the above, we are definitely convinced by your insightful article Jessica, that UAE University is certainly on a par with Cambridge. So the question is: who forced  or bribed you to write such shite?

You can read her article HERE.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

UAE makes terrorists out of artists and academics

Noam Chomsky - well known intellectual and peace
activist would likely be banned in the UAE too.

In early April, New York University Professor Andrew Ross, president of his university's chapter of the American Association of University Professors, was labelled as a "security risk" by Abu Dhabi immigration officials. They had the decency to phone New York Airport ahead of time and tell them to pass on the message before Professor Ross's flight took off.

Then, earlier this month, there was the case of Ashok Sukumaran; he has "a long history of artistic work and commitments in the region including at the Sharjah Biennials (2009, 2011, 2013) and at events including Art Dubai and several prior editions of the March Meetings."

Yet UAE immigration police, bereft of my training manual, got mixed-up again. Sukumaran, Mumbai-based and with a strong penchant for human rights, was also deemed to be a "security risk".

Finally, artist Walid Raad also fell victim of the Abu Dhabi immigration authorities; clearing Raad to enter to attend the Sharjah Art Foundation's March Meetings conference, they decided that he was a "security risk", a modern day Caravaggio. Here's his own simple and compelling account of how it went down:


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Students caught cheating and academic coordinator David Hooper and others are turning a blind eye!!!

"Excuse me. Can you remove your hand. I can't see your answers."

UAEU coordinators like David Brainerd Hooper should know better. Increasingly they are turning a blind eye to students cheating on their final end of year exams, including IELTS.

Reports are  still coming in, but we hope to prepare an article soon about this prevalent and widespread habit of exam cheating and academic coordinators pretending not to notice.

4th March, 2015

We at UAEUwatch have received compelling evidence that the following instructors were or are involved in gross mismanagement and unethical academic behavior. These teachers were or are commonly known to have either turned a blind eye to student cheating during exams, tests, course assignments and manipulation of grades OR were known to be actively and consistently assisting the students to cheat. 

We can only give their first names due to legal restrictions. But if you wish to know their full names and titles and stating the reason for your interest in the said individuals,  you can email us confidentially at:


The English instructors implicated are:


This list is by no means complete. Many within University College know the game only too well. Most choose not to know and simply turn a blind eye to the blatant unprincipled and unethical practices that occur within University College  with depressing regularity. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

80% of our imbecilic slow learners admit to cheating

What more can one say? We already know they are as thick as two short blanks and as "learners" are utterly worthless. Really, what more can one add? Our students are as dopey as camels and as slimy as desert snakes, as they slime their way through the "education system" and "university" like shit through the U-shaped siphon of a modern day flush toilet.

The only way to deal with them, as one colleague complained, is to "flush em up!" Just get rid of them. The only problem to this strategy is that the sewerage just keeps coming. Get rid of one pile of manure, only to find yourself teaching another pile next semester!

It's a vicious cycle, ain't it?  Read about it HERE

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Students are using ipads to watch pornography and social media.

The UAE government gave them free ipads to further their education and to help them become more IT literate. (Yeah, as if they didn't know already how to download porn from the internet).

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rory Hume with his wife - a pair of vultures!

Wyatt Rory Hume                     Wyatt Rory Hume                       Wyatt Rory Hume

During his tenure here as Provost, Dr Hume demoralized so many people in so many departments and  faculty, that even today, he is simply remembered as "the Vulture" . We have other choice names for him, which are best kept off the printed page.

His wife was known as an raging alcoholic who spent most of her time burning up her credit cards in and among Dubai's glamorous shopping malls, cards that were directly linked to her husband's account, where his undeserved salary went into at the end of each month.

Mr and Mrs Hume - we at UAE University salute you! May you both have an early death and rot in hell!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Students dismayed by their exam results.

UAE University currently has a whopping 62% failure and drop-out rate across all the major faculties! However, even though our students are mostly losers, they really don't like to lose!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

This is what passes for research here!

No, this isn't kindergarten or junior high.This is UAE University today!

And another!


The placards read: We can all reach our potential.  Yeah, with a black sheet covering their faces. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The place has gone "tits up!"

Ever since they fired Westerners and installed Emirati deans and administrators throughout the various faculties and departments of UAEU, things have gone from bad to worse.

As one leaving lecturer complained, the place has gone "tits up"!

Friday, August 23, 2013

UAE education is fourth most expensive in the world!!!

UAE education is fourth most expensive in the world!

And all that money for so little return! 

Dubai: International students looking to study and live in the UAE continue to pay among the highest premiums in the world.
The cost of studying in the UAE is equivalent to about half (51 per cent) of the gross domestic product (GDP) per person, or nearly $28,000 (Dh102,760) per year, making it the fourth most expensive country for foreigners to study and live in, according to the latest research by HSBC.
The average annual fees and cost of living for international students in the UAE, at $21,371 and $6,004, respectively, put the country’s overall education cost ahead those of Canada, Singapore, Japan and Germany.
The living expenses in the country is one of the cheapest among most developed and emerging markets, after China, Taiwan and Germany, but the high university fees pushed it to the top of the table. Annual fees in the UAE is the third most expensive in the world, trumping other major markets including the United Kingdom. Australia tops the overall list, where a year of study costs $38,516, followed by the United States.
Household budget
For many people, spending for education constitutes a huge portion of the household budget. School fees in most markets in the world are getting more expensive by the year and the falling value of some currencies against the dirham and US dollar is not helping.
The Indian rupee, for one, has been sliding against the greenback and what this means to parents based in the South Asian country is that they will have to dig deeper into their pockets to be able to send their children to UAE schools.
“Education costs are generally prone to higher inflationary rates not just in the UAE but across the globe. For expatriates, education is generally the second-highest expense for families, the highest being expenses on house rent,” noted Ashok Sardana, managing director, Continental Group.
The high demand for education in the country is the reason behind the expensive school fees. The UAE is regarded as one of the top destinations among residents from around the world.
“The UAE’s stable political and economic environment, coupled with its favorably lifestyle for students, has made it the most attractive destination within this region for education, both for international students and for students from the neighbouring GCC and Middle Eastern markets,” Rick Crossman, head of UAE retail banking and wealth management at HSBC Bank Middle East, said.
Emerging market economies
A study by Dubai International Academic City, in conjunction with Deloitte, showed that the UAE is considered the fourth most attractive education destination in the world for students looking to study abroad. It is also regarded as the most attractive destination among the emerging market economies, ahead of China, Singapore and Australia.
“With increased investment in educational institutions and a variety of international-standard universities for students to choose from, we expect the UAE to retain its position as a favourable education destination for the foreseeable future,” Rick added.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cutting-edge Research at UAE University!

UAE study finds stressed mice enjoy a stiff drink


Rodents at the UAE University in Al Ain are boozing to get over their problems.

As part of an experiment by the anatomy department at the Tawam Medical Campus, researchers offered alcohol to mice in an effort to find out which personality types are more likely to reach for a drink.

Over time, the mice were offered a choice of drinks, including water or alcohol.
  1. mouse
    Mice were found to enjoy a tipple during a research at UAE University in Al Ain.
Researchers found that panicky or highly stressed mice were much more likely to booze to excess than mice with a calm nature.
All of the mice preferred drinks that had an alcohol content of between five per cent to 10 per cent, about the same as beer or wine, but most found 20 per cent to be too strong.
All the mice had 24-hour access to the drinks and consumption was heaviest at night, when mice are naturally more active.
Assistant professor Dr Amine Bahi said that the highly stressed mice appeared to be “self-medicating” with alcohol to calm their nerves.
Alcohol affects the dopamine levels, as it does in humans, and dopamine is known as the “molecule of pleasure”.
However, mice “don’t show the symptoms of getting drunk in the same way that humans do,” Bahi said.
Out of a control group of 50, Bahi found eight mice that were naturally highly stressed and eight that were particularly relaxed - based on their reaction to open spaces and strange objects placed in their cages.
The stressed-out mice were labelled HAMS (high anxiety mice), while relaxed mice were labelled LAM (low anxiety mice).
Bahi said the exact link between stress and alcohol is not fully known and his research group hopes that its findings will help people gain understanding of the connection.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Emirati beating an Indian driver as if he were a slave or man-servant.

A foreigner's worst nightmare come true.

What is revealing about this incident is the attitude of the irate Emirati who appears to claim a right to beat and whip this Indian; and moreover, how the Indian is taking his "punishment" like a slave or someone in an inferior or servile position.

This encounter says a lot about who is really in charge, who is superior versus inferior, and who gets to do the beating and who must accept the beating.

Woe betide this Indian if he had dared to retaliate and laid a finger on the Emirati! He would be in custody now, facing a year or more in prison followed by deportation.

As employees of UAE University, we know implicitly where the lines are drawn, and in whose favor the law operates. If confronted like this by an irate Emirati, we know intuitively that we must bear and put up with the beating, for to resist could very well land us, the victim, in prison, and not the perpetrator.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Story to Warm the Cockles of your Heart - Saudi "Princess" arrested in US for keeping slaves!

Now and then there are stories that really do warm the cockles of our frittered and jaded slavish hearts. As employees of UAE University and educators in the Gulf generally, we are fully aware of the terrible conditions of employment and servitude many domestic maids are kept in. Like Saudi Arabia, the UAE is really one big slave depot. There are literally hundreds of thousands of domestic workers in this country who are treated little better than slaves. No Western ex-pat worker here can claim not to know. It goes without saying, and unfortunately, there are colleagues of mine who have taken on Arab ways and have their own domestic slaves too.

In the news report the reporter stated that this particular Kenyan maid had to work up to sixteen hours a day for a couple hundred dollars, her passport was taken away and her movements restricted! Gee! We already know that in the Gulf, this is actually considered "normal" working conditions for domestics here; certainly nothing to get worked up about. And certainly nothing to get arrested for. This Saudi princess was treating her Kenyan maid in a perfectly normal way. The only problem was, she happened to be in a Western country and not back home in good old Saudi-land. 

She probably still doesn't know what all the fuss is about!

Stupid Arab Cow!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Came across this beauty on the Net. Seems like someone took Google Translate to heart.

Prophet Attends College Wedding of U.A.E University Students (College Wedding???)

Under the appui from the Chief executive Their Highness Sheikh Khalifa can Zayed Al Nahyan, The Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and also Perfect Minister in the UAE as well as Ruler regarding Lebanon, on Wed went to the particular graduating wedding in the thirty second batch associated with UAE Students, that was kept on the university in the university or college inside of Al Ain.
The ceremony has been went to through Sheikh Sultan can Prophet can Sultan Ing Qasimi, Overhead Royal prince and also Mouthpiece Leader regarding Sharjah, Sheikh Ammar rubbish bin Humaid Ing Nuaimi, Top Royal prince of Ajman, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad rubbish bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Overhead Knight in shining armor regarding Fujairah, Sheikh Rashid bin Saud can Rashid A el Mualla, Top Knight in shining armor regarding Umm Al Qaiwain, as well as Sheikh Prophet can Saud bin Saqr A el Qasimi, Top Knight in shining armor associated with Nivel Ing Khaimah.
Also current were Doctor Sheikh Saeed can Mohammed A el Nahyan, Sheikh Hazza bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Beneath Assistant in the Diwan from the Rulers Representative within the Eastern Place, Sheikh Hasher can Maktoum, Movie director Common associated with China Info Division, Juma Al Majid, Chief regarding Juma Al Majid Middle for Lifestyle as well as History, Lt. Basic Misbah Rashid Ing Fattan, Representative of the Office from the Ruler regarding Lebanon, Prophet Juma Al Naboodah, Khalifa Saeed Suleiman, Representative Basic in the Division associated with Protocols as well as Food inside Lebanon, along with a number of sheikhs, ministers, company directors associated with colleges and universities] inside the state, associates of the diplomatic corps and the moms and dads regarding 436 participants through various technological professions, 69 of which attained professionals and also doctoral levels.
Inside a talk, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak A el Nahyan, Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Lifestyle, Youngsters as well as Community Development, thanked the Chief executive The Highness Sheikh Khalifa can Zayed A el Nahyan for their continuous assistance to the ARAB EMITARES University or college because of it to be a middle for enlightening and preparing participants which take up lots of the leading jobs within the condition, and add using their information as well as skills involved with development and also progress getting witnessed in the united states.
He expressed his cheers as well as appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Prophet can Rashid Ing Maktoum, Vp and also Prime Minister from the U.A.E as well as Ruler associated with Lebanon, regarding their generous support in the college as well as support for its participants and his interest to attend the actual graduating at the college.
Sheikh Nahyan also paid tribute to Common Sheikh Mohamed rubbish bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Knight in shining armor regarding Abu Dhabi and Mouthpiece Best Leader from the UAE Armed Forces, for the follow-up around the progress from the university, getting that into the ranks of world universities. Sheikh Nahyan pointed out that the around the world popularity, and supplies all ways of success in order to people, contributing to the availability regarding scientific study to offer the environment and modern society [this sentence makes no sense whatsoever].
Sheikh Nahyan determined simply by which the actual university, as its creation three decades in the past, offers noticed the actual graduating of around 70, 200 learners that contribute to the process of construction as well as lasting progress the nation, light emitting diode through the Chief executive His Highness Sheikh Khalifa can Zayed Ing Nahyan.
The actual teachers consequently indicated their particular cheers as well as gratitude towards the sensible leadership for paying great focus and also help to be able to students at kunne UAE College.
Sheikh Mohammed, along with Sheikh Nahyan and also Doctor Ali Rashid Ing Nuaimi, Vice-Chancellor of U.A.E College (UAEU), allocated certificates to be able to graduates from the Faculty associated with Humanities and also Sociable Savoir (FHSS), along with the Function regarding Science, Administration and also Economics, Legislation, Food stuffs and Culture as well as the Schools associated with Architectural and Information Technologies, and Treatments and Wellness Savoir (CMHS), that just about all swore a promise ahead of the Vp and participants.
Sheikh Mohammed distributed records to students that attained aces and also tragique degrees and congratulated them. He or she desired them accomplishment in their lives as well as expressed their confidence that they may become the upcoming frontrunners in both government and also non-governmental organizations.
This individual praised the particular technological as well as technical amount college, especially remembering the efforts regarding Sheikh Nahyan, who gave the time and effort to higher schools, expressing he was an auto dvd unit associated with candor within the work of service to the country and it is individuals.
Sheikh Mohammed desired Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak A el Nahyan, Minister of upper Training as well as Technological Research, success within the new assignments, stressing the particular competence regarding Sheikh Hamdan great ability to carry out national responsibility with all duty as well as efficiency.
In late the actual ceremony, Sheikh Hamdan and Dr . Rashid presented the memento through the university or college to be able to Sheikh Mohammed.
Sheikh Prophet shook fingers using the teachers, wanting them achievement in their future careers, and got pictures with them in addition to Sheikh Nahyan and also the vice-chancellor of the university or college.
of individuals

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Avoid tests during their menstrual cycle!

Avoid 'crucial decisions' during period: doctors

Saudi study claims women's mental capabilities affected by menstrual cycle

Women should avoid taking crucial decisions in the last phase of their menstrual cycle as it affects their mental capabilities, according to a Saudi university.
The study by two professors, including a woman, at Umm Al Qura university in the western Saudi town of Makkah found that women’s mental powers do not fully function during the last 13 days of their monthly period.
Authored by Dr Ranya Al Faran and Dr Abed Rabbo Suleiman, the study found that the menstrual cycle weakens the woman’s “ability for the production of ideas, planning, strategies, organization, initiatives and self control.”
“Women are advised not to take any crucial decisions in the last phase of their menstrual cycle as a result of the changes and emotions that arise during that period,” said the study, published in the Saudi daily Al-Watan.
It said women’s monthly period is normally divided into three parts, the last of which lasts for around 13 days. “During these 13 days, women are advised to avert taking any serious and crucial decisions as their mental abilities are not fully functioning.”

Friday, April 19, 2013

UAEU media release: Three day Workshop to Combat...... Malnutrition???

More from the land of the surreal!

The Nutrition and Health Department in the College of Food & Agriculture, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in collaboration with the World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Nutrition (WHO CC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized a three day workshop to create a new manual & teaching toolkit for running school gardens under the current climate conditions in the UAE.

But wait. It gets even more bizarre!

These three organizations believe that schools can make an important contribution to the country's efforts in overcoming malnutrition, and that school gardens can help to improve the nutrition and education of children and their families. 

"Furthermore, we encourage schools to create learning gardens of a moderate size, which can be easily managed by students, teachers and parents, and which include a variety of nutritious vegetables and fruits," said Dr. Ayesha Salem Al Dhaheri, Chair, Department of Nutrition and Health, UAEU and Head of WHO Collaborating Centre in Nutrition. 

Learning Gardens? managed by the students, teachers and parents? Who are they kidding? These gardens will be managed by their domestic Indian servants more like it.

Take a look at the examples of some of our malnourished students below. Don't you feel sorry for them already?


Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Day in the Life of an Emirati student

Some of our more intrepid students have gone and made a youtube flick of themselves showing a typical day at UAEU. It actually mirrors the reality quite closely, especially when it comes to bullying other students to cheat.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Barred lecturer issues UAE warning! Daleks Ahead!

Warning! Warning! The UAE is now Dalek Country!

The United Arab Emirates is now "deeply inimical" to university values, according to a lecturer from the London School of Economics and Political Science who was barred from entering the country.

So what's new? It always has been. It's only naive academics who think otherwise, but it's only wishful thinking on their part.

Anyway, you can read the Times Higher Ed article in full HERE.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

U.K. University Cancels U.A.E. Conference Citing Curbs

Well, those dirty mangy dogs who call themselves the government of the United Arab Emirates, have done it again.  An international conference on the political situation in Bahrain organised by the London School of Economics and the American University of Sharjah has been cancelled because of complaints about restrictions imposed upon the speakers by those degenerate perverts ruling the country.

You can read the article HERE.

The decision to cancel the conference “was made in response to restrictions imposed on the intellectual content of the event that threatened academic freedom,” the LSE said in an e-mailed statement today.

Of course, the international community and Human Rights activists are up in arms about it, but it's really just business as normal for these scumbags.

Here's just a few of these fecals, the offspring of mangy dogs mated with chancroid whores, below.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

That's right. Blame us again!

A "study" (and I use this word lightly) was carried out by a group of "researchers"  in the UAE that found western culture was to blame for an increasing obsession with body image among young people, especially those who are over-weight and OBESE.

And this was their research methodology. Hang on to your seats now and try not to roll on the floor with laughter.

Researchers, assisted by health authorities, asked hundreds of students at government schools in the emirate to pick out their “ideal” body shape from nine drawings. They found that girls picked figures that were too thin for their height and frame. The kids were also asked to pick out which picture reflected their actual body shape.

And its conclusions?

The researchers asked 324 boys and 337 girls aged 12-17 to choose one of nine body shapes, pictured right, as their “ideal” weight.

The boys tended to choose a male body shape that was in the middle of the nine options, while the girls generally opted for a much skinnier ideal. The third image from the left on the female scale (right) was the most popular among the girls.

Overweight and obese adolescents of both sexes chose “a significantly lighter figure as their ideal”, the research team found, and recommended that school curriculums should include information on healthy body weight and a good diet to avoid “distorted body image”.

These school fatties all pointed to significantly thinner figures, did they? Amazing! So none of them pointed to the more obese figures as their ideal? Truly amazing!

And the recommendation put forth by these incredibly insightful researchers?

Overweight and obese adolescents of both sexes chose “a significantly lighter figure as their ideal”, the research team found, and recommended that school curriculums should include information on healthy body weight and a good diet to avoid “distorted body image”.

But hang on? What's diet got to do with it? I thought the study was about having the wrong western perception of body weight and shape? A 130 kg Emirati teen shouldn't feel bad about weighing 130kgs and having the shape of a hippo. His or her "feeling bad" about looking like a hippo is simply an insidiously acquired western perception, isn't it? Why shouldn't they be allowed to be porcine and not feel bad about it? Besides, isn't going on a diet to shed those kilos, also a Western invention?

However,the most sinister part of the article for me personally was this statement:

It warned that “a western influence on the Arab adolescent’s lifestyle” was particularly strong in girls, whose body ideals were too thin.

I guess this means that their women had better be even more strongly supervised and secluded from such insidious western influences.

You can access this trite nonsense that goes for serious "research" HERE.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What a retired UAEU employee looks like! (Warning: viewer discretion advised)

A retired UAE University employee. Castrated, emasculate, burnt out after years of groveling, brown-nosing, fawning, prostrating and toadying while forced to be a servile cringing ass-kisser to his superiors and students alike.

It's not a pretty sight, is it? If you don't want this to happen to you, then you'd better seek employment elsewhere!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Emirati Justice in Action!

A Syrian man gets a lengthy prison sentence and 80 lashes for just kissing his Moroccan girlfriend in public. LINK

An Emirati scumbag gets just 3 months in prison for having sexual intercourse with his Iraqi girlfriend who later overdoses and dies in their hotel room. LINK

Now, if it had been any of us, we would have been charged with illicit sex outside of marriage, consumption of alcohol, consumption of drugs and a possible manslaughter charge, which could amount to as much as a 10 year prison sentence.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Complaints against new head of UGRU: Mark Richard Hill

Over the past few months, we have been receiving a number of complaints about UGRU's new manager, Mark Richard Hill. The complaints have ranged from a lackluster performance, general incompetence, inefficiency and a tendency to sit in his office and talk for hours about non-essential issues while making others wait outside his door. There was even one complaint from a well known ESL instructor who has since left UGRU in disgust (a common enough reason and who has published a book called Life Works) has observed that Mark finds it difficult to string sentences together when writing emails.  Others have complained he would leave the office early and spend the remainder of the day at Starbucks or frequenting one of Al Ain's many malls. Two have complained that when there is a problem or crisis, he is nowhere to be found, and even if he is, he simply shrugs his shoulders and passes the problem to someone else to solve.

But generally, the complaints point to someone out of his depth who is failing to galvanize UGRU and provide it with clear and decisive leadership.

More to follow.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Arab Education System is Archaic and Medieval

Unless the Arab states drastically change their education systems, they will stay backward, weak, and a breeding machine of parrots and fanatics. In a program on the current Arab education system on the German-French TV, Arte, 1 December, 2007, Sheikh Saleh Al Fozan, a leading member of the Saudi Council of Senior Ulema (religious leaders), said, “Some of our own people want us to become like the infidels, like the Jews and Christians, Allah condemn them. They want us to renounce our Godly religious beliefs and follow in their footsteps by changing our educational curriculum that is based on the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him. A parrot is one who repeats the demands of the enemies of Islam that we should stop teaching the Koran so that we abandon our faith.” This came in the wake of publishing the UN Arab Human Development Report 2006 authored by a group of distinguished Arab intellectuals. Commenting on pressure form the United States on Saudi Arabia since Sept. 11 to reform its educational system, Sultan Al Saud, the Saudi Crown Prince told the Saudi TV on 16 Sept. 2005, “America and the rest of the infidel world should go to hell. We are not going to change our education system which is based on the best religion of the world. We are proud of being Muslims and having an Islamic education system.” Both the Al Saud clan which has ruled over Saudi Arabia since its foundation in the 1940s and the religious establishment dominated by Wahabbism (a kind of radical, fanatic, simplistic interpretation of Islam) have used dogmatic Islam to enforce their regime and run the country. At Saudi schools and universities, words like “alcohol, pigs, and prostitutes” are none existent in English language books. The “evolution theory” is not mentioned or taught at all. “Jewish people” in all books and levels are condemned as “enemies of Allah”. The Western world is presented as “decadent”, “corrupt”, and “atheist”. In addition to an archaic education system which lacks critical thinking and research, more than 60 million Arab adults remain illiterate, including 55% of all Arab women.

In almost all Arab schools and universities, students are not allowed to question what they are taught. They are expected to accept everything they read and hear from their teachers and memorize to a great extent what they are taught. Critical thinking is penalized and students are patronized. In fact, the Arab regimes have rejected Western methods of education such as critical thinking and liberal thought. They fear that these methods could spawn critics who would question the existence of the ruling regimes.

Students face other constraints. There are little, if any, extra-curricular activities, nothing to exercise their fine motor skills or hand and eye coordination. Classrooms are poorly-equipped and dull.

Private schools and universities are by and large not much better off. Graham Collins who used to work as course coordinator at the Gulf University for Science and Education (GUST) in Kuwait told me, “GUST is supposed to follow the curriculum of Missouri University. But it does not. The owners of this university replicate the same curricula and teaching methods used by traditional Arab universities. The whole thing is a farce. The faƧade is American but the content is very Arab. GUST and other local universities are degraded to diploma mills.”

A despotic education system coupled with dogmatic political and religious teaching in all Arab countries have produced passive learners, simply parrots. The majority of university graduates are appointed as teachers who follow in the steps of their former teachers. The Arab education system is moving in a vicious circle.

Vocational schools are rare in the Arab world. Every parent wants their children to have an office job. It is more comfortable and more respectable by society. Manual jobs are learned in workshops under very harsh conditions. People who cannot afford school or whose children drop school are sent to learn a manual craft without theoretical background.

Where do all the Arab graduates from schools and universities go? The Egyptian Al Ahram Weekly estimates that the majority stay jobless. “In Egypt alone 700,000 job opportunities are yearly needed. Over 50% of the Arab labor-force are jobless.” Al Ahram said in an editorial on 19 November, 2007. In the Arab oil countries, which are awash in petrodollars, over 90% of the local work force are government employees who do simple routine jobs. Sophisticated and technical jobs in the oil and construction industries are done by imported expatriate employees from all over the world. Mohammed’s job (a Kuwaiti), for example, at Kuwait airport consists of stamping the date on cargo receipts.

Arab universities are also burdened with cronyism that stifles innovation and quality graduates. The lack of significant private industry throughout the Arab countries also means that universities are essentially dependent on governments to pay staff salaries and provide jobs for graduates. The appeal of Muslim fundamentalism has thrived among jobless graduates.

Mahmoud Auda, a retired Egyptian professor who used to teach sociology at Ain Shams University in Cairo recently told me, “Most of my colleagues’ publications are geared towards promotion. And most of these publications are translations from a foreign language into Arabic. Very few staff read after they get promoted. They spend most of their time teaching overtime at various institutions to make money. They also force their students to buy their publications to make an extra buck.”

Khaled Al Shallal, a Kuwait University assistant professor, told me, “University teachers at respectable universities use sabbaticals to do research. At Kuwait University and other Arab universities they use it to do nothing. For the majority it is a paid one-year vacation.”

Ali (pseudonym), an associate professor at Kuwait University came to Germany to attend a conference. He showed up only during the opening session. When later after the conference I met him and asked why he did not attend the other sessions, he said, “Who cares? I want to enjoy myself. I’ll concoct a report and present it to the University to get refunded for the trip expenses. They do not care either.”

Hence the current Arab education system is detrimental to generating human resources that are skilled enough to deliver productive jobs and critical of life around them. The system produces people who see things in black and white terms. Unless all this changes to the better, Arab societies will remain backward, underdeveloped, undemocratic, and volatile.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Masturbating students becoming a problem.

Recently several Emirati students have been caught in computer labs masturbating themselves during and after class. What was mistaken for simply scratching themselves, or that hard to get at itch, has in fact turned out to be, masturbation while watching pornography on their computer screens.

In the past, faculty staff have reported this not infrequent behavior, and have brought their concerns to management, which has conveniently swept it under the carpet. But lately, the problem of young Emirati men shamelessly masturbating in the computer labs is growing. Somehow, they are able to circumvent the strict censorship on pornography in the UAE, by using secret access codes that are used in various governmental departments.

As one lecturer explained, she dreads going to her computer lab sessions because occasionally, there will be two or three or more boys at the back huddled around a screen, sniggering and laughing. When she strolls to the back of the class room, they would quickly minimize the screen. She noticed one of them appearing to scratch himself vigorously underneath his white robe called a kandura. She asked if he was all right as he appeared to be in some distress and breathing heavily. His friends laughingly informed her he was "very scratchy teacher" which she took to mean, "very itchy". However, feeling uneasy about the whole situation, she turned and walked away. The student continued to breathe heavily for the next two minutes until there was a noticeable groan of relief. It was only then she realized what had just occurred. She said she felt sick for days afterwards and did her best to avoid that group of students.

Incidences like the above are not uncommon, but lately they have been occurring more frequently than usual. Every week we have been receiving one or two reports of male students who are online and viewing pornography and unable to control their urges, are masturbating where they're sitting.

Occasionally we also hear of  lecturers catching female students masturbating in the classrooms and toilets as well, but by far, the majority of incidences on UAEU campus involve young men.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Students flown half way around the world to visit museums!

Another example of UAEU marketing spin over substance. UAEU doesn't have the know-how to develop, train and equip its students with the necessary skills that would make them competitive in the world market-place. Rather it would prefer to spend millions on expensive "field-trips" and "scholarship programs", hoping that companies like Airbus will take pity and hire them. The only ones who seem to benefit from these PR stunts are organisations like the British Council, which rakes in millions of dollars a year, providing such futile endeavors. 

The sad truth is that precious few companies around the world would even consider offering these hapless students real jobs. That is, unless they're given hefty cash incentives (bribes) by the sheikhs to take on board one of their nieces or nephews.

UAEU Students Pride of the University

Four top students from the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Faculty of Medicine have completed their research project in the United Kingdom, learning new lab methods and techniques, and visiting hospitals and scientific museums.

Amira Yaqoub Al Ahmadi, Bushra Ahmad Kamalboor, Reem Ahmed Ali and Fakrah Al Darei participated in the 10th year of a scholarship program offered in conjunction with the British Council. The scholarship aims to support young researchers and help them build international connections, which can be beneficial to their future in research.

Bushra Ahmad Kamalboor, a fourth year medical student, studied dementia at the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases at King's College London. She also visited the Gordon Museum of Pathology and Guy's Hospital in London.

Amira Yousef Al Ahmadi, a first-year medical student, conducted research at the Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol. She gained insights on the healthcare facilities, learned how to live independently and met new people.

Over the long term, the scholarship program aims to strengthen scientific collaboration between academics in the UAE and UK.

In other news, Tasnim Al Rawi Al Naqbi, a UAEU mechanical engineering student, recently completed a six-month intensive training program at the headquarters of Airbus in Toulouse, France.

During her internship, Tasnim detected an anomaly in a software program that regulates the airflow into plane engines and convinced Airbus to replace it with a better one that she suggested.

Tasnim's internship was part of a program supported by the Abu Dhabi Education Council and Mubadala Aerospace.

The program, which is currently in its second year, offers students practical experience in the field of aerospace engineering. It also helps students develop their skills while working in competitive international environments that require high standards of efficiency and creativity.