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Hi, we're here to warn you not to come to the UAE University either to work or study here. Why? Because UAE University is about as corrupt and fraudulent as they come. As a place of higher education, it is a shameful travesty. Indeed, even to call itself a "university" is an obscene irony that disgraces the word.

If you're a post-grad hoping to do some serious research, forget it. Look elsewhere. You will simply be wasting your time. UAEU qualifications and awards are worthless outside the Gulf. It doesn't even have a library. Indeed, just mentioning UAE University on your C.V. is enough to damage your career prospects.
This applies to virtually all the other universities in the Gulf as well, whether they be local or foreign ones. The end result is the same: compromised and degraded learning.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Students flown half way around the world to visit museums!

Another example of UAEU marketing spin over substance. UAEU doesn't have the know-how to develop, train and equip its students with the necessary skills that would make them competitive in the world market-place. Rather it would prefer to spend millions on expensive "field-trips" and "scholarship programs", hoping that companies like Airbus will take pity and hire them. The only ones who seem to benefit from these PR stunts are organisations like the British Council, which rakes in millions of dollars a year, providing such futile endeavors. 

The sad truth is that precious few companies around the world would even consider offering these hapless students real jobs. That is, unless they're given hefty cash incentives (bribes) by the sheikhs to take on board one of their nieces or nephews.

UAEU Students Pride of the University

Four top students from the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Faculty of Medicine have completed their research project in the United Kingdom, learning new lab methods and techniques, and visiting hospitals and scientific museums.

Amira Yaqoub Al Ahmadi, Bushra Ahmad Kamalboor, Reem Ahmed Ali and Fakrah Al Darei participated in the 10th year of a scholarship program offered in conjunction with the British Council. The scholarship aims to support young researchers and help them build international connections, which can be beneficial to their future in research.

Bushra Ahmad Kamalboor, a fourth year medical student, studied dementia at the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases at King's College London. She also visited the Gordon Museum of Pathology and Guy's Hospital in London.

Amira Yousef Al Ahmadi, a first-year medical student, conducted research at the Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol. She gained insights on the healthcare facilities, learned how to live independently and met new people.

Over the long term, the scholarship program aims to strengthen scientific collaboration between academics in the UAE and UK.

In other news, Tasnim Al Rawi Al Naqbi, a UAEU mechanical engineering student, recently completed a six-month intensive training program at the headquarters of Airbus in Toulouse, France.

During her internship, Tasnim detected an anomaly in a software program that regulates the airflow into plane engines and convinced Airbus to replace it with a better one that she suggested.

Tasnim's internship was part of a program supported by the Abu Dhabi Education Council and Mubadala Aerospace.

The program, which is currently in its second year, offers students practical experience in the field of aerospace engineering. It also helps students develop their skills while working in competitive international environments that require high standards of efficiency and creativity.

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  1. So the question is: at the end of the day, how many of our students here at HCT and UAEU are actually employed by overseas firms. Short answer: you can count them on one hand.


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