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If you're a post-grad hoping to do some serious research, forget it. Look elsewhere. You will simply be wasting your time. UAEU qualifications and awards are worthless outside the Gulf. It doesn't even have a library. Indeed, just mentioning UAE University on your C.V. is enough to damage your career prospects.
This applies to virtually all the other universities in the Gulf as well, whether they be local or foreign ones. The end result is the same: compromised and degraded learning.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Story to Warm the Cockles of your Heart - Saudi "Princess" arrested in US for keeping slaves!

Now and then there are stories that really do warm the cockles of our frittered and jaded slavish hearts. As employees of UAE University and educators in the Gulf generally, we are fully aware of the terrible conditions of employment and servitude many domestic maids are kept in. Like Saudi Arabia, the UAE is really one big slave depot. There are literally hundreds of thousands of domestic workers in this country who are treated little better than slaves. No Western ex-pat worker here can claim not to know. It goes without saying, and unfortunately, there are colleagues of mine who have taken on Arab ways and have their own domestic slaves too.

In the news report the reporter stated that this particular Kenyan maid had to work up to sixteen hours a day for a couple hundred dollars, her passport was taken away and her movements restricted! Gee! We already know that in the Gulf, this is actually considered "normal" working conditions for domestics here; certainly nothing to get worked up about. And certainly nothing to get arrested for. This Saudi princess was treating her Kenyan maid in a perfectly normal way. The only problem was, she happened to be in a Western country and not back home in good old Saudi-land. 

She probably still doesn't know what all the fuss is about!

Stupid Arab Cow!

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  1. Hope they throw the book at her and others like her. In the UAE it's quite common to read, hear and see this kind of thing going on almost daily.
    As an employee of UAE University, I am appalled by it all.


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