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Hi, we're here to warn you not to come to the UAE University either to work or study here. Why? Because UAE University is about as corrupt and fraudulent as they come. As a place of higher education, it is a shameful travesty. Indeed, even to call itself a "university" is an obscene irony that disgraces the word.

If you're a post-grad hoping to do some serious research, forget it. Look elsewhere. You will simply be wasting your time. UAEU qualifications and awards are worthless outside the Gulf. It doesn't even have a library. Indeed, just mentioning UAE University on your C.V. is enough to damage your career prospects.
This applies to virtually all the other universities in the Gulf as well, whether they be local or foreign ones. The end result is the same: compromised and degraded learning.
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Monday, July 15, 2013

This is the sort of trite and drivel we as lecturers and professors have to put up with from those we are trying to educate and enlighten!

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  1. I see it in my students' faces every day! A blankness and invisible wall created by Islamists like the above.

    When you try to turn their heads towards the light, its rebounds back like an elastic band, to where it was before.


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