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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cutting-edge Research at UAE University!

UAE study finds stressed mice enjoy a stiff drink


Rodents at the UAE University in Al Ain are boozing to get over their problems.

As part of an experiment by the anatomy department at the Tawam Medical Campus, researchers offered alcohol to mice in an effort to find out which personality types are more likely to reach for a drink.

Over time, the mice were offered a choice of drinks, including water or alcohol.
  1. mouse
    Mice were found to enjoy a tipple during a research at UAE University in Al Ain.
Researchers found that panicky or highly stressed mice were much more likely to booze to excess than mice with a calm nature.
All of the mice preferred drinks that had an alcohol content of between five per cent to 10 per cent, about the same as beer or wine, but most found 20 per cent to be too strong.
All the mice had 24-hour access to the drinks and consumption was heaviest at night, when mice are naturally more active.
Assistant professor Dr Amine Bahi said that the highly stressed mice appeared to be “self-medicating” with alcohol to calm their nerves.
Alcohol affects the dopamine levels, as it does in humans, and dopamine is known as the “molecule of pleasure”.
However, mice “don’t show the symptoms of getting drunk in the same way that humans do,” Bahi said.
Out of a control group of 50, Bahi found eight mice that were naturally highly stressed and eight that were particularly relaxed - based on their reaction to open spaces and strange objects placed in their cages.
The stressed-out mice were labelled HAMS (high anxiety mice), while relaxed mice were labelled LAM (low anxiety mice).
Bahi said the exact link between stress and alcohol is not fully known and his research group hopes that its findings will help people gain understanding of the connection.

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  1. Why use mice? There are many in UGRU (University College) who consume large quantities of alcohol every day to nullify the pain of being in the middle of the desert surrounded by comatosed fucking Arabs and ass-licking Indians, and dangerous Paki drivers. Why not use them as lab rats?


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